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Pollution accountability, quantified.


The mission of Certified Offset is to counteract global warming through the widespread adoption of carbon offsetting.

We believe that companies should not be allowed to pollute for free. We believe that every brand should offset the entirety of their carbon footprint, and every consumer should seek products made by brands who do so.

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Carbon offsetting is immediate, affordable, and easy. But few companies offset the entirety of their carbon emissions, and few consumers ask this of the brands they patronize. Why? Because it’s pragmatic and un-flashy. Because it’s a complex topic that’s been poorly marketed outside of the scientific and environmental communities. Because it’s easier for companies to question offset methodologies than pony up the resources and time to offset. Certified Offset changes that.

By consolidating the best resources, we’ve made offsetting easy for brands of all sizes. And by introducing Certified Offset to the world with a legion of responsible brands, we’re showing consumers a new standard for sustainability of the products and services they shop for.

Why get certified?