You’ve measured your entire carbon footprint and offset it. Now, tell the world. By placing the Climate Neutral badge on your products, you empower consumers to fight climate change through their purchase decisions.


Fight climate change at the roots.

Consumption is the root of human-caused climate change. The things we make and buy, the services we create and use, the food we produce and eat—these things account for a vast majority of the greenhouse gases that are warming our planet. If consumption is the primary driver of climate change, changing our consumption is the primary way to fight it.

The Climate Neutral badge presents consumers with the power to fight climate change through every consumption decision they make, by giving them the option to buy products and services that have offset their contribution to global warming.

Set a new, measurable bar for sustainability.

Sustainability is a movement among brands and consumers to adopt practices that mitigate the effects our collective activity has on the planet. Beyond that, sustainability is a term that’s hazily defined, and as a result is open to a wide variety of interpretation and criticism. Climate Neutral changes that, by defining sustainability in a specific, actionable, and measurable manner.

Brands that contribute to global warming are not sustainable. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions where they can and offsetting the rest, Climate Neutral brands emit net zero greenhouse gasses, setting a new quantifiable baseline for sustainability.

Demand carbon neutrality from the brands you love.

Climate Neutral makes carbon neutrality easily attainable by brands of all sizes and industries. When you ask a brand you love to become Climate Neutral, you’re asking them to be accountable for the greenhouse gases they create by taking pragmatic and affordable measures that any brand can do.